Kokrokonews is learning that former Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur has died.

Mr. Amissah-Arthur is reported to have collapsed at the Air Force Gym early Friday and was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Profile of Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur:

Paa Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, born April 29, 1951, was an economist, academic and politician who was the sixth Vice-President of Ghana, in office from August 6, 2012, until January 7, 2017, under President John Dramani Mahama.

Previously he was Governor of the Bank of Ghana from 2009 to 2012.

He was sworn in as Vice-President on August 6, 2012, following vetting by the Parliament of Ghana.

He was nominated by President John Dramani Mahama to be the vice-president a week after Mahama himself was sworn in. This followed the sudden death of John Atta Mills on July 24, 2012.

Economics and consultancy:

Amissah-Arthur was a research assistant at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research between 1974 and 1975.

He later joined the Economics Department as a teaching assistant from 1977 to 1978, going on to become an assistant lecturer in 1979. He lectured at the Department of Economics at the University of Ghana between 1980 and 1988.

He had also been a lecturer at the Department of Economics, Anambra State College of Education, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria (August 1981 – July 1983).

He went into politics until 1997. He worked as a consultant for the World Bank in The Gambia. He also served as a consultant for the Netherlands’ government education project in Ghana.

He then worked as Senior Economist for the Sigma One Corporation in Ghana between 1998 and 2000. Between 2001 and 2002, he was on assignment for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.


From 1983 to 1986, Amissah-Arthur served as a special assistant to the Secretary of Finance and Economic Planning, Kwesi Botchwey, in the Provisional National Defense Council government.

Subsequently, he was Deputy Secretary for Finance in the PNDC government from February 1986 to March 1993. From April 1993, he continued as the Deputy Minister for Finance in the Rawlings government after the establishment of constitutional rule until March 1997.

Amissah-Arthur was appointed as Governor of the Bank of Ghana in October 2009 by President John Evans Atta Mills. He held this position until August 6, 2012, when he became Vice-President of Ghana following the death of Atta Mills.

Personal life:

Amissah-Arthur is married to Matilda Amissah-Arthur with two children. He is a Christian and is known to worship at the Calvary Methodist Church at Adabraka in Accra.

This story is developing. 


Now I’m A Living Dead(A True Life Story)


Part 4

After the church incident, I varnished into thin air. ‘Ghost mode’ as Gbenga’s wife ‘Abimbola’ would call it. Yes, I felt fulfilled to an extent tho I was just getting started. I’m coming for them all that had a hand in my death. Later that evening, while I was at the hotel which is now my niche or hideout to manipulate, execute & share high blood pressure on those that killed me. Those that I once loved and took as family and never believed cud do anything to hurt me. Truly, “na who know man dey kill am”. My case was that of a man’s enemy from his own household. This hotel is now my home and according to Gbenga, it’s my spirit Lodge. Lol….. I try to laugh and endure this unbelievable moments of my life unfolding right before my eyes like a movie, I became drowned in thoughts with tears rolling down – “God, where did I go wrong?” Next I heard was “Gbam! Gbam!!! A knock at the door of which I was not sure of the person. I whistled and he responded. it was a sign we made to recognise our presence. I opened and he came in and called me “Mr Ghost”, we laughed. It was Mr Gbenga my good neighbor. “Kacy, he called out to me. “Your story has become the talk of the town. The pastor and congregation suspected the act of your mother-in-law as they were so curious to know what really happened, but your mother-in-law refused to say anything”. I smiled “Gbenga don’t worry about the truth. it will be revealed soon. Lest I forget, how is your beautiful wife Abimbola?” “She’s fine, full of her troubles”, he replied. I opened a bottle of wine as we share to discuss on the next move I will take as a ghost. It was now it came to my knowledge that my wife and mother-In-law took shelter in my best friend’s house Chike, cos of their fear and alarm. Chike stays at 5th avenue, M close Festac town. He was my best man at my wedding and supposed to be my best friend. Who ever thought chike could connive with my wife and mother-in-law to kill me?? Now, Chike who wanted to be convinced of wat my wife had told them about my ghost, asked my mother-in-law out of fear and curosity if she actually saw me with her two eyes. The woman was speechless cos of her shock. My wife chioma with her sweet voice cried out to Chike and asked him to do something about this before the worst happens. OK, it’s about to kick off…. Chike took his car key and drove off to Akanshi’s shrine. As he narrated the whole story to Akanshi the babalawo, whom was shocked and did some incantation and ordered Chike to go to my house and get one of my clothes. Hollup..! Hollup.!! Hollup..!!! This gat me wondering, Wat does the babalawo need my clothes for?? While I’m still alive?? The babalawo requested for it so he can perform some ritual to chain my ghost. And Chike summoned courage and left for my house?? Issoryt, I’m equally ready!!! FLASHBACK: In my plans with Gbenga, we agreed on going to my house to pick some of my cloths as I can spread them in places my wife and her mother will always see them, just to torment them the more. Then after which Gbenga and i will go to chike’s house by same midnight to sprinkle the feathers and blood of a dead cock at his entrance. It wasn’t a simple task but am a ghost.. BACK TO PRESENT: What a quirk of fate.. As Chike arrived to my house at midnight to complete his task, Lo and behold, the ghost appeared. Chike! Chike!! Chike!!!, I called three times from my sitting room as it echoes in my bedroom. Chike shivered as he took to heel out of my bedroom to the door and behold he saw me sitting down on my sofa. Me in a thunderous voice “Chike, u were supposed to be my best friend. Why did u conive to kill me?” As he shiver and panicked, he begged and try to use the door as he ran, but unfortunately I locked the door before I sat down earlier on the sofa. As i approached him slowly with my hands stretched while fume was coming out of my mouth, with my face rubbed with Abimbola’s powder sainting like a woman who came for a child’s omugwor.. Lol….I can feel the adrenaline pump evidenced by chike’s vibration and disorganized actions of flight mode. His blood pressure was up as he used the window and fell from upstairs, sustaining a dislocation which I wondered how he ran with it….but eh, Africans can fear spirit sha!!! Lol… I went downstairs and took the backyard. Will i spare them or continue to torment them? YOU AINT SEEN NOTHING YET. THIS IS JUST A TIP OF AN ICEBERG To be continued..!!!

Now I’m A Living Dead( A True Life Story)











Part 3

Tormenting Ghost.

“Praise the Lord,” she shouted into the microphone.
“Halellujah,” chorused the congregation.
“Prai-prai-prai-praa-a-ise the Lord,” she shouted again.
With her right hand she held unto the microphone and with her left hand she waved in the air. She was elegant in her apparel, with a hair scarf that stool like a crown on her head. Everything she wore wasn’t cheap, a clear testimony to my benevolence. I wasn’t just an inlaw, I was also like a son. Or so I thought.
“Halellujah,” the congregation chorused again.
“Umu chineke ibe m, soronu m kelee chineke,” she started her testimony, “my brethren, follow me thank this our god. I don’t know how to start thanking him. I call him ebube dike, oloro ihe loro enyi, el-shaddai, miracle worker, kabiyesi, oghenedo, Jesus igwe.e.e!”
She made a dance move like someone posessed by an unseen spirit. The she began to sing.
“There is something that makes me come into your presence, my helper,” she sang and the congregation joined her.
I sat quietly at the last row of the seats and watched in bewilderment at this evil woman that just masterminded my death. She was evil, she was an elder in the church and she was supposed to be a born again christian. I looked at the name of the church inscripted bodly above the alter, “Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministry.” Such a perfect name. I’m the ghost that’s going to deliver her today.
“There is something that makes me come into your presence, my helper,” the spirit that posessed the woman seemed to have taken over the congregation too, they went up in a roar, “My helper o-o, my helper. My helper o-oh, my helper. There is something that makes me come into your presence, my helper.”
“My testimony is very long but I will try and cut it short,” the woman continued, “my daughter was attacked by a ghost but survived.”
The church went up in an uncontrolled murmur. Some people adjusted their sitting position, the testimony was getting interesting. The person sitted next to me looked at me and said, “wonder shall never end.” I responded, “Ghost kwa? Mhhh!”
“My daughter’s husband died few days ago and disappeared into thin air.” she continued, “We’ve searched for him everywhere but can’t find him. My daughter is devastated because she loves him so much.”
She started to sob. A dead silence fell upon the church. Nobody, including me, wanted to miss the story.
“Some days ago, Chioma my daughter got a video call, when she picked, it was the ghost of the dead husband that appeared. He attacked her, causing her a parcial stroke. Today she can’t walk properly and is speech impired but is alive……praise the Lord.”
The congregation shouted, “halellujah.”
“That ghost is wicked but the god I serve is greater. He wants to kill my daughter, a woman that loved him so much and took good care of him as a wife should. My daughter will recover fully soon and the enemies shall be put to shame in Jesus name.”
“Ame-en,” the congregation shouted.
“My brethren,” the woman raised her voice, “if you are praying to this our god, don’t……”
I remembered all I did for this woman, a woman I called mother and treated as such. From the moment I entered into her daughter’s life, the family’s life changed for good. She used to fry akara at a bus stop in Iganmu, I opened a mini supermarket for her and she was doing well. I paid the other of her children school fees. I stopped her husband from being a gateman and gave him two commercial buses to be managing. When her husband died a year ago, the burial was on me and was befitting. Where did I wrong this woman? I once loved her as a mother but now I hated her with passion.
“Praise the Lord,” she shouted after ending her testimony.
The congregation responded with “halellujah.”
I had heard enough, this nonsense has got to stop. I looked at the name of the church again, “Holy Ghost Deliverance Ministry.” I stood up from my seat, this is deliverance time.
I started walking down the aisle to go take a seat at the front row. Then our eyes met, she froze.
“Prai-prai,” she stuttered.
She looked sideways, looked at the pastor like she was expecting someone to come rescue her and then back at me. People were confused at her sudden change of countenance. Her face was terrified and her complexion was beginning to change. She was becoming a ghost. I gave her a cruel smile.
“Prai-prai……no, no, it’s a ghost,” she was screaming. “Take him away from me, he’s a ghost.”
Her eyes rolled, and like a sac of cassava flakes she collapsed on the hard floor. The speakers made a cracking noise as the microphone hit the floor.
As quietly as I had entered the church I vanished.

Now I’m A Living Dead(A True Life Story)


Part 2

Those that murdered sleep should be ready for sleepless nights.”
The door to Gbenga’s house was open as I had anticipated. He was abrace of what was going to happen. The day I knew I was going to be murdered, I had gone to inform him, being a friend, a next gate neighbor and a man I had come to respect. He was there with his wife Abimbola as I entered.
“They have murdered me,” I announced.
“So you’re now dead?” Gbenga asked with a suppressed smile.
“Yes, dead but not burried.”
He took a glass of water that was on the table and began to sprinkle some water on me.
“Hey! What are you doing?” I exclaimed.
“To see if you will disappear. I heard that ghosts disappears if you sprinkle water on them.”
Gbenga has a great sense of humour. Our friendship wasn’t instantaneous, it began after the day we had a heated arguement during a meeting of Landlords in the close we lived at Ajao Estate. It was over who was better suited to be security operatives of our close; vigilante group or two Abokis. Few weeks later we became close friends. I called him Onye Ofe Mmanu and he called me Omo Ajalaokuta.
“I’m now a ghost,” I said and made a move like the zombies in Michaek Jackson’s Thriller music video.
He laughed hard with his wife.”We’re laughing but this is not a laughing matter. How could that woman be so wicked?” Abimbola said.
“Is it because I’m a strong man? You for don kill me tete,” Gbenga teased her, “see as landladies full all over Lagos.”
“Oriodaa,” Abimbola gave him a little push.
Abimbola was a very robust woman, so overweight she could hadly get up from a seat. She spoke english with a deep Yoruba ascent, but a very nice woman.
Now that I’m a ghost I have to start acting like one. How do ghosts act? There are two types of ghosts, gentle ghosts and angry ghosts. I’m an angry ghost with one sole mission….to torment.
Abimbola rubbed a white powder all over my head and face. I put on a white jalabia and a white hand gloves, and stood against a white wall. To act like a ghost, you have to look like a ghost.
“You look like a ghost from Imo state;” Gbenga said, laughing.
“I know, I am.”
“Are you ready?”
“I’m ready, let’s do this.”
Gbenga called Chioma’s number on whatsapp video call and stood before me. She picked and starred on the image on her screen. Confussion was all over her face. My hands were in the air moving like a zombie. Well, I think zombies and ghosts are closely related.
“Chioma, Chioma-a,” I began to speak, “why did you kill me?”
Her mouth dropped, her face panick striken and even more confused. I was enjoying the moment. It could be fun being a ghost.
“I loved you Chioma-a, but you killed me,” I continued, “Why? Why? Chioma why?”
The first day I met Chioma was a coincidence I will never forget. It was a hurt hot afternoon in the busy streets of Lagos, I had gone to FHA office in Festac Town to make enquiries about a land I wanted to buy at Festac Extension. On my way going back to Ajao Estate, I noticed a girl at the back of a danfo commercial vehicle. She was putting on a sun shade, she was beautiful and she was crying.
The tears of a woman can melt an ice, but the tears of a beautiful woman can melt an iron. I drove after the bus.
Don’t get me wrong. I was used to beautiful girls, I had some at my beck and call. Like Iniedo, Genevieve, Chika, Aisha, Jumai….to mention but a few. But there was something different about this girl. The girl stopped at Ijesha, I parked my car and followed her.
“Hey young lady,” I called after her.
She looked at me but continued walking.
“It’s you I’m calling,” we were now shoulder to shoulder.
She looked at me.
“How may I help you?” She asked.
“I saw you crying in the bus,” I went straight to the point, ” and I want to know why.”
“I was’nt crying.”
“I know the difference between tears and rain. And today is a sunny day..”
“Even if I was, it’s not your business.”
“Well, I want to make it mine now.”
She began to walk away, I followed.
“Stop following me or I will shout that you want to kidnap me.”
“And you know what will happen afterwards? People will mob me, hang tyre on my neck and set me ablaze. My blood will be in your hand.”
She thought about it and began to walk again. I followed.
“My life is about to be messed up,” she began.
“I’m supposed to be having my final exams soon, but I can’t without paying my school fees. I’m from a poor home.”
“I told a distant uncle who is rich, he promised to help and asked me to come. Getting to his house at Satelite Town he showed me the money but placed a condition.”
“Which is?”
She looked at me without her sun shade, tears were rolling down her cheeks. She looked more beautiful than in the bus.
“That I sleep with him,” she admitted, “I refused and he tried to rape me. I was able to escape.”
Wicked. Why is the world full of wichedness and wicked people? Taking advantage of an innocent girl in her moment of vulnerability should be a crime against humanity. Punishable bu God and man.
“How much is the school fees?”
“Eighty thousand naira.”
“Follow me.” I beckoned.
“Follow me.”
“To where? Why?”
“Listen, I’m not like your uncle. Just trust me.”
“All men are the same.”
“Some men are different.”
She hesitated for a moment before following me. At a building across the street was a Diamand bank, my bank. I went to the ATM machine, inserted my card and made a withdrawal. I then went back to her.
“Open your hand bag,” I said.
“Open your hand bag.”
She opened it and I put some cash inside.
“In there is a hundred K.”
“Eighty K is for your school fees.”
“Use the remaining to help yourself.”
“Ok, maybe I have to repeat what I said,” I was almost laughing, “you now have a hundred K that can solve your school palava. Go and make your parents proud.”
“What? Oh my God!”
“I have to be going,” I began to walk back to my car.
I didn’t ask her to follow me but she did. I entered my car and she stood beside the door.
“You didn’t even ask for my name.” she said, “and you didn’t tell me who you are.”
“Ok, my name is Kelechi Onuoha, but friends call me Kacy.”
“Ok, my names are Chioma Felicia Okoro. A final year student of Mass comm at LASU. I live at No 13 Friday street here in Ijesha with my parents, but I come from Onitsha..”
“It’s a pleasure to know you, Chioma,” I gave her my complimentary card, “call me whenever you want.”
“Thank you Kacy. God bless you,” she looked inside her hand bag, “Oh my God, Oh my God!”
I started the car and drove off. I watched her through the mirror, she stood there waving. And I could still hear her voice in my head…”Oh my God, Oh my God!”
A year and few months later we were married.
“Chioma why did you kill me?”
Her confusiion turned to terror.
“No! You’re a ghost,” she cried out, “You’re a ghost.”
Yes, I’m a ghost. A living ghost.
Her terror turned to panick and….CRASH! She smashed her iPhone 6 against the wall.


Part 3 to drop on Friday!

Now I’m A Living Dead- (A True Life Story)


Part 1


I’m laid down dead on my bed, in my bedroom, watching and listening to Chioma my wife speak with her mother on the phone. She was happy I was dead. She killed me with a poison.
“Yes Mama,” she said over the phone, “the idiot is dead.”
“So quick?” Her mother said.
“Yes oo, so quick.”
“I told you, Akanshi is a strong babalawo.”
“That’s true mama. What do I do now?”
“You know where he keeps all the documents?”
“Yes I do.”
“Perfect. Make sure you gather all of them together. The houses, the cars, the banks and every other document available.”
“Ok Mama.”
“After that start crying and call neighbors. I’m right on my way.”
Chioma had the habit of setting her phone on speaker, the reason why I could hear her mother.
My wife of three years conspired with her mother to kill me. Chioma that I loved so much, saw her through the university and sent her to Paris for her masters. The urge to jump from the bed and pounce on her was much but I held myself back. I needed to keep my cool to unveil more secrets.
I watched as she searched frantically for all the documents to my properties. She piled them up beside the wall mirror, looking herself in the mirror and smiling.

I smiled within me, knowing how I just escaped death by the whiskers. I was such a lucky man. I remembered how it all happened the day before. I came back earlier than I usually do without calling to inform my wife. Chioma wasn’t in the sitting room, I decided to tip toe to the bedroom to surprise her.
On getting to the door I could hear her voice, she was on the phone with her mother.
“Mama, are you sure it will kill him?”
“Yes, I trust Akanshi.”
“I can’t wait for this man to die, I need my freedom to live as I want.”
“He will die tomorrow, just follow the instruction. Add the substance in his juice and make sure he drinks it.”
“I will Mama, trust me.”
I was glued to the spot. My own wife was planning to kill me and tomorrow I would die by poisoning. I tip toed back to the sitting room and as quietly as I entered I left. I left knowing what to do, for to die I would.
The next day, being today, the day of my death, I left very early to my office like everything was okay. I came back in the afternoon prepared to drink some juice and die. Chioma my wife was exceptionally happy to see me, I was pretentiously overjoyed to see her. We kissed, yes, and we made love on the couch.
According to her plan, she went and brought a glass of juice for me. And according to my plan I sent her to bring my briefcase to show her a very important document. She left. Before she came back I had exchanged the glass of juice with a different one. She saw me gulp down the last juice as she came back. She cracked a smile.
According to plan, I began to feel some pain in my stomach. As the pain grew severe I began to crawl on the floor. Chioma, as a loving and caring wife came to help, I told her to take me to the room. She did and laid me gently on the bed.
“Honey, you will be fine,” she assured, “I’m here for you.”
Such a loving wife.
I began to shiver and I began to foam from the mouth, then I died.

Chioma left the mirror and walked towards the bed. She stood over my dead body, with triumph on her face.
“Idiot,” she cursed, “anu ofia. I thought you’re a superman.” She spit on me.
I remained motionless but watching her every move. She took her mobile phone and dialed a number.
“Hello Chike,” she said.
Chike? Which Chike? Chike my best man and best friend?
“Hello sweetheart,” that was Chike’s voice. My best friend.
“My love, I have a good news.”
“Really? I can’t want to hear.”
“The idiot is dead.”
“Kacy naa, don’t you remember our discussion again?”
“Oh yes, I do I do. Great. Start crying, I’m on my way.”
My best man and best friend too was in the conspiracy to kill me. What a wicked world.
Chioma stored the documents in one of her bags, went to the mirror to look at her beautiful face one more time. Beautiful demon. She rearranged her hair and made for the door. Opening the door she turned back to look at me.
“Rest in peace,” she said and left.
I quietly got up from the bed, went to her bag and collected the file containing all my documents. On top of the wardrobe, the portable Nikon video recorder I had planted there earlier was still rolling, I collected it and turned it off. Quietly like the ghost I was, I opened the window, scaled through and vanished from the compound. Chioma’s voice could be heard crying loudly. I’m now going to be a ghost, to torment those that killed me. The battle line is drawn.

To Be Continued…!


Fear Grips Parents As Over 20 Students Collapse At St. Martin’s SHS


More than 20 students of the St. Martins Senior High School at Nsawam in the Eastern region have collapsed on campus.

According to a student, who spoke to, her colleagues collapsed Sunday night during Prep and Monday morning during assembly.

“We were at Prep last night when they were rushed outside but we didn’t take it serious. We were told Some of them had asthma attacks but the rest we don’t know what happened to them before they also collapsed.

This morning too, we were at morning assembly when some just fell off and were also rushed in a pickup to the hospital,” she recounted.

A local reporter Kojo Mintah who witnessed the incident on campus said school authorities have refused to comment on the matter.

He said the students have been rushed to the Nsawam government hospital where they are currently receiving treatment.

The Nsawam Municipal Education Directorate has confirmed the incident but says it is gathering more facts and waiting for doctor’s report on the incident.

Meanwhile,  in an interview with the administrator of the Nsawam Government hospital, he explained that hysteria is the cause of the collapse of some students of St Martin’s Senior High School in Nsawam in the Eastern Region.Some 20 students of the school collapsed on Sunday night and Monday morning.

The incident comes on the heels of the death of some students of Kumasi Academy from Influenza type A H1N1 2009 pandemic strain (Swine Flu) and on Friday, a male student of the Koforidua SECTEC was also reported to have died of a suspected case of meningitis.

Mr Kolan told Accra News’ Eastern Regional correspondent Kofi Michel that: “The fundamental factor is that it is not true that it is the same case like KUMACA in Kumasi. I am told by my doctors that it is a case of hysteria (exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement) among the students. They are about to write exams and the fear of exams is what is happening.”

He added: “We are examining them and nothing is wrong with them, we have not even admitted anybody.”

Signed, blessed, delivered: Pope Francis donates personalised Lamborghini to charity after giving it holy touch


Pope Francis received a white-and-yellow Lamborghini as a gift on Wednesday – but he won’t be using it on the tree-shaded roads of the Vatican gardens.

The donated Lamborghini Huracan, which normally sells for more than $200,000 (Ghc900,000), was signed by the pope outside his Vatican residence and will be auctioned by Sotheby’s, with proceeds given to the pontiff to help the needy.

The Vatican said all the money would go to projects to help Christians return to rebuild their homes in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains that were destroyed by Isis militants.

They will also go to help female victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution and to two Italian groups which provide medical services in central Africa.

Francis has shunned the papal limousines used by his predecessors in favour of a simple blue Ford Focus.

White and yellow are the colours of the Vatican flag.

Pope Francis and Lamborghini Huracan


Give The Gift Of Reading- FOTC


The Friends Of The Children (FOTC) launched it’s charity fund raising event to help collect gently used reading books, exercise books, erasers, pens,pencils and other stationary to be sent to selected deprived schools in the Northern Region of Ghana.

This event was organized in collaboration with the Westhills mall; the biggest mall in West Africa. Other supporting companies are; Liliz Events And Decoration Service, Knight klique, Temi’s Foundation and Light Magazine Africa.

Below are pictures from the event launch.




We will appreciate if you help us achieve our of aim putting a smile on the faces of these less privilege ones.Kindly send your donations to the Westhills mall or call or whatsapp us to come pick the items  on +233242225739 or email

Traits To Make You The Best Candidate For The Job

Employee Search
It is an undeniable fact that the desire of every young person, after years of studies is to have their dream job; to enable them face the future with confidence and some level of certainty. Notwithstanding this dream and desire, the truth and reality on the ground has always been different. You will agree with me that the search for a job in recent times could be likened to looking for needle in a haystack.
In our current dispensation, there are fewer job openings relative to the vast number of job seekers in the country; many of whom are graduates from the various universities. This situation has further been compounded by the mismatch between the supply (skills) and the demand in the labour market.
A conversation with Human Resource Managers and Recruiters, has always revealed that the skills and experience that they require have oftentimes been quite different from what job seekers possess. These in-demand soft skills have become very crucial in the light of how competitive the market place has become and companies want the creme de la creme of employees when filling roles.
While hiring managers and recruiters don’t expect job seekers to possess 100% of these traits when staffing, the closer you are to 99%, the better your odds become at receiving a job offer.
So apart from what is often learn from the class room, what skill sets do Hiring Managers and Recruiters look out for? Outlined below are some of the salient traits.
Leadership Oriented
Most recruiting managers look out for job seekers who have a future with their organization. Most facets of leadership are learned, and thus the most efficient organizations want to mould progressive thinkers rather than have stagnant employees. They want and provide the enabling environment for each individual worker in their ranks to have room to progress and, in time, be able to formulate their own winning teams.
Ambitious employees are those who continually strive towards a better way of doing things. They embrace challenges and are able to overcome hurdles. These people are never satisfied with the status quo and work towards better solutions, consequently making an organization more competitive.
Ability to adapt
When staffing, recruiters and HR Managers often seek for job applicants who can change with the business environment. While many people love familiarity and patterns, most companies see job seekers who are ready to change things as and when it is a necessary for business growth
Most successful companies flourish because of innovation and a consistent improvement on current internal processes. These companies are continually looking for prospects who cannot only work autonomously, but who also can formulate fresh ways to complete old tasks.
Team Oriented
Often for HR mangers, hiring people who “buy into the system” is of the utmost importance when recruiting. This is because they believe these people can work effectively in situations that require the cooperation of others, clearly fit into the confines of the firm’s corporate culture and bring a dynamism to meetings that welcomes debate and, ultimately, solves problems.
Hiring Managers in recent times are overworked and have little time to oversee day-to-day activities. Thus recruiting employees who can get the job done without being micromanaged is a significant priority these days. Competent job seekers can develop a return on investment for their employer while requiring minimal hand holding from the leadership team.
Resilient applicants are among the most sought-after by hiring managers. These are the individuals who view their problems in an optimistic manner and don’t view hurdles as insurmountable, pervasive or their fault. They can fail and, after a brief demoralization, get right back on their feet and continue producing for the company.
Highly successful companies believe in differentiating their top performers from the average employees. These firms recognize the worth of making clear distinctions regarding the output individuals produce when compared to that of their peers. They understand that the people who fare best in the office are those who want to succeed and who are consistently formulating creative, compelling and logical methods to beat competing firms.
Employers want to hire job seekers who always escalate their goals, yet still enjoy the journey along the way. They understand that money, power, status and possessions mean little without true passion for their job and, when recruiting, seek people who feel the same way.
Although all employees are driven by monetary gain, the most sought-after people are the ones who enjoy the work as much as they do the reward. Without passion, employees will utilize only a fraction of their intelligence, achieve only a percentage of what they’re able to and will inevitably burn out. Moreover, they will fail to positively impact both their lives and the lives of their co-workers, clients, managers and the firm’s leadership team.
Without integrity, the other 14 qualities listed here mean nothing. To be successful, companies need to have a culture that thrives on honesty and doing what is best for both the client and shareholders. Once trust is broken within a corporation, the rest of the positive aspects slowly unravel.
Companies love hiring employees who can make tough decisions. These are the people who can quickly and efficiently analyse the options, potential outcomes and pitfalls of a situation and make a firm call. They are the opposite of “wishy-washy.” HR managers know that indecisiveness can keep organizations from reaching a desired output and thus actively recruit what former GE CEO Jack Welch refers to as “edge.”
In addition to the above listed traits, qualities such as intelligence, vision, confidence, knowledge and persuasiveness are also vital qualities employers seek out for in job seekers.
Notwithstanding all these traits, HR managers and recruiters have always maintained that they also expect job seekers to know how to write a good Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letter.
So in addition to developing the soft skills which will make you competitive in the job market, don’t forget to learn or polish your CV and Cover letter writing skills.

Uhuru’s Re-Election Nullified

Kenyan Supreme Court judges arrive for a hearing of a petition challenging the election result filed by the National Super Alliance coalition and Human Rights groups at the Supreme Court in Nairobi

The Supreme Court has nullified the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

A six-judge bench, by majority decision, on Friday indicted the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), saying it conducted the elections contrary to the dictates of the Constitution and poll laws.


Chief Justice David Maraga agreed together with Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Smokin Wanjala and Isaac Lenaola that the electoral body messed up transmission of poll results.

“A decision is hereby issued that the elections held on August 8, were not conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the applicable law. The results are therefore invalid, null and void,” Chief justice David Maraga said.

“Elections is not an event but an process. After considering the totality of the entire evidence, we are satisfied that the elections were not conducted in accordance to the dictates of the Constitution and the applicable principles.”

Judges Jackton Ojwang and Njoki Ndung’u dissented while judge Mohammed Ibrahim, who fell ill on the second day of the case hearing, did not take part in the decision because he is still in hospital.


Justices Ojwang’ and Ndung’u said the petitioner, National Super Alliance (Nasa) leader Raila Odinga, had failed to prove claims that the polls were rigged in favour of Mr Kenyatta.

The two said the polls were free, fair and credible as described by international observers.

Justice Ndung’u said challenges face every election and if they occurred, they were not deliberate or in bad faith.

The top court in Kenya, in a bold move, ordered the IEBC to conduct a fresh presidential election within strict confines of the law within 60 days.

Lawyers who represented President Kenyatta and the IEBC protested the judgment and sought explanations and clarifications from the judges.

Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, for Mr Kenyatta, faulted the court, saying it had made a political decision because no one is disputing that the voter made his decision.


According to him, Lady Justice Ndung’u upheld the wishes of Kenyans.

But Justice Maraga said, in due time, they would be able to demonstrate why they reached their decision.

Nasa lawyers, led by James Orengo, were happy with the decision and thanked the court for agreeing with them that IEBC flouted electoral laws.

“The decision is history. The first judgement in Africa that has upset a presidential election. Supreme Court has done Kenya proud and lived up to the principle and law regarding election,” he said.

“The decision by the court means well have new presidential election within 60 days. We hope this time around, they will not make the mistake of generating elections through computers.”


“What IEBC did was treasonable because they wanted to declare the presidency against the Constitution. I don’t think IEBC will preside over the election.

The decision has is a big win for Mr Odinga and his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka, who accused the IEBC of rigging the election in favour of Mr Kenyatta.

The two rejected the results even before they were announced on August 10, accusing the commission of imposing “computer-generated leaders” on Kenyans.

The quashing of Mr Kenyatta’s victory is particularly important to Mr Odinga because it has granted his political career a lifeline.

Aged 72, Mr Odinga had promised his opposition co-principals that it was the last time he was running for State House after previous three barren attempts.


After the vederct, Mr Odinga told his supporters that their march to what he has branded “Canaan” , the famed promised land, was unstoppable.

“This is a historic day for Kenyans and Africa. For the first time in history of democratisation in Africa, ruling made to nullify a presidential eletion,” he said

‘’Our journey is unstoppable. IEBC committed criminal act and belong to jail.”

Mr Musyoka, on his part, said Friday was a historic day not just for Lenya but Africa.

“The dignity of Supreme Court has been established. I am happy to be a Kenyan today. We will have to look deeply into the conduct of IEBC. We do not have faith that they can conduct a credible election,” he said.

After issuing the verdict, Mr Maraga, who is also the president of the court, urged Kenyans to maintain peace, saying an election is a process and not an event.

He pleaded with lawyers to help the country in maintaining the peace.

Source: Daily Nation