Every women wants to have a beautiful vagina, both to feel confident and to please significant others. There are some simple steps you can take to easily improve the looks of your vagina.

1. Hair removal
The part of the genitalia where pubic hair grows is actually the vulva, not the vagina.  Nevertheless, improving the appearance of the vulva will in turn make the vagina look better.  Shaving the pubic hair is a common method women use to give their vulva a more unique appearance.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be all of it; some women shape the hair into designs, or simply trim the edges.  Waxing and laser removal are other ways to remove hair. So dear ladies trim the forest to allow free movement and fresh air after-all Bi-Laden died long ago.

2. Tightening the vagina
This is one of the steps that will please your partner in particular.  After childbirth and aging, the vagina can loosen.  There are pelvic strengthening exercises called Kegels that can give you a tight vagina.  This will look nicer and make sex more pleasurable for both of you. Just imagine you are wearing an oversize pant…yeah…that’s exactly how we feel if your kingdom is loose.

3. Improving the odor
You’ll most likely want your vagina to smell nice to match its beautiful appearance.  A bad vaginal odor can be a sign of infection, so go to your doctor and see about treatment if you think you might have one.  Poor hygiene is a possible cause as well.  Regular washing with a gentle soap will keep your vagina clean and smelling fresh.Well a personal testimony, I got this lady in bed after a 2 year hustle. Everything was okay until I had the green light to open the gates of the kingdom and OMG!……At once, my guy just dropped. That was the last day I made the lady to see me.

4. Stay free of bumps
While vaginal bumps usually aren’t a sign of something serious like an STD, they can be unpleasant to look at.  Keeping your vagina clean should take care of this problem as well, especially if the bumps are pimple-like.

5. Try Genecure 442

Genecure 442 is an organic product that natural ingredients to improve the condition of your vagina.  It cleanses, tightens, improves the smell, and many other things.  It’s really an all-around good product for general vaginal health.

6. Be confident
The most important part of having a beautiful vagina is being confident.  All vaginas look a little bit different, like faces.  Even if your vagina doesn’t look like others you might have seen, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it.  As long as you’re comfortable with your body, everyone else will be too.







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